Free Help in Protecting Your Computer or Laptop

Researchers say more than twelve thousand laptops are lost at U-S airports every week and around seventy percent are never claimed!  More than half of the laptops contain confidential data and about sixty three percent of the laptops had no security. According to IDC, as much as 60% of important corporate data resides on desktop and laptop computers that are not properly protected.

A new, free service is helping computer owners’ track down their machine if it is lost or stolen.  The system called Adeona anonymously sends data to servers on a free storage system.

Adeona can also be installed on laptops or desktop computers.   You can also install it on your servers in case someone breaks into your server room and steals them

The data, which is encrypted, includes IP addresses and information about neighboring routers. So, if your notebook ever gets stolen, you can log into the system from another computer, access the data and give the information to authorities. Working with an internet service provider, they should be able to trace the machine.

The program works on Windows and Apple computers.   You can get full details on the Adeona free services at :

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