How Much Good Could You Do with $25,000?

Entrepreneurs give back to their community every day.  Small business creates jobs, new products and opportunities in communities across the nation and around the world.  Some of these entrepreneurs and the enterprises and organizations they are involved with may be in line to get some help.  Broadcaster Jenny Jones has launched a non-profit organization called ‘Jenny’s Heroes’ to give away a million dollars to worthy projects and organizations!  The non-profit group is providing grants up to $25,000 to people, organizations, or groups Jones believes to be making a difference and worthy of funding.

“Show the world how much of a difference one person can make,” said Jones through her website. “All you need is a dream.  I can make it come true,” pledges Jones.   The former talk show host  began awarding grants earlier this year and has written checks to people and projects in more than 18 states.

Jones website updates each of the grant recipients and the progress of their plans and projects.  In fact, she spends a lot of time personally reading and sorting applications.  You can get more information about the grant program and apply online at

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