On this September 11th Think About How You Can Shape Our Future

Entrepreneurs are innovators who generate one new idea after another.  And I believe small business owners for the most part, are people who work to make the most of every moment, every opportunity, and get the most out of every resource.  This may seem to be a strange way to start a blog focused on September 11th. But as I look around, so many challenges and opportunities face this nation; it is my belief more citizens need to act like the small business owner—working to make the most out of everything we can to help our nation. I believe what we do as individuals is as important as what our elected officials do.  It is my hope we can shape history and our future; and not the other way around.

Whether you are the business owner or a member of a small business staff, we all seem to constantly be on the move. However, it takes something big to move us emotionally.  I hope today on September 11th, you have a moment to take a break from your busy day and reflect on the Americans silenced forever on 9-11 and the others who have fought and won battles on fields of war and here at home.

The United States is known as the land of opportunity.  As you think about the direction you want to take to claim your part of the opportunity ahead, also think about the direction you think this nation should take.  So much is changing in our lives and in our world, help ensure the important things about this nation do not.

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