I Swear I am NOT a Suck-Up

This is a very busy time in millions of small businesses across the nation. In today’s turbulent economy entrepreneurs and their staffs can’t afford a single lost opportunity. Often in all the long hours, multiple projects, tightening budgets and obligations that come with our jobs, we forget to express the appreciation and acknowledgement for the boss. In my case there are several leaders in the business where I am employed, SBTV.com, worthy of praise for their leadership and innovation.

As a journalist covering the small business scene, I see many of these people who take the risks and spend the late nights worrying. At a time when large corporations are slashing jobs and being bailed out, the small business owner could be the most appropriate person to honor on this the official National Boss’s Day celebration because small firms are the economic powerhouses of the nation. The self-made entrepreneurs who take an idea and have the courage to back it and find a way to give to their community by providing jobs should be recognized. They get my vote for best boss more than the names associated with the biggest companies needing a bailout.

Millions of unsung entrepreneurs are quietly working to find the next big invention, service, or product to improve your life and helping to create jobs. Small business represents over 99 percent of all employers in America and small firms create 80 percent of all new jobs in America. Small firms help create new jobs and are a big part of communities and cities alike. In fact, small businesses are the greatest source of new employment in inner cities, comprising more than 99 percent of establishments and 80 percent of total employment.

In fact, according to a national scientific survey from the Gallup Organization, small business owners are more trusted than any other American institution, topped only by the U.S. military! The contributions of these commerce innovators and risk-takers are noted in neighborhoods and communities today.

In my corner of the world Boss’s Day includes a veteran entrepreneur, a technology innovator, and one of the nation’s best known business authors who is also a sought-after speaker, media personality/expert, former marketing executive with a Fortune 100 firm, licensed attorney and serial entrepreneur. Susan Wilson Solovic is a recognized leader serving in leadership roles with organizations such as WIPP – Women Impacting Public Policy, Women’s Leadership Exchange and the National Women’s Business Council. AT&T recognized Susan and SBTV.com with its Innovator of the Year Award 2008 for being a pioneer in a new industry – the first time the award has ever been given. Susan and SBTV.com have won numerous awards through her leadership and the terrific team she has assembled. The synergy, dedication, and camaraderie are a big part of the success and the creativity at work every day. Visitors to our facilities and studios often comment on the buzz of creativity, the energy and sharing in the offices.

Michael Kelley is the innovative technology force bringing video, podcasts and the viewer experience of the only multi-platform rich media news and information portal for bringing America’s 25 million small businesses to life. He understands the technology can be intimidating for both staffers and viewers, but Michael is a genius at helping people understand it and the possibilities it presents for entrepreneurs.

Dan Demko is a serial entrepreneur at home in the high-tech world and also on the family farm. His extensive and proven background in sales and customer service helps keep SBTV.com focused on our most important job: delivering news and information to the small business owners we serve. Dan ensures our viewers are the most important person in the room no matter what the project is or which celebrity is in studio that day.
Many employees may be reluctant to speak up on Boss’s Day, afraid to look like an apple polisher. I worry I may take a little razzing around the editorial table myself. But most employees want supervisors and employers who bring out the best in them and are not afraid to talk about what they do well. Right? So is it so wrong to write a short note talking about the risks, rewards, and great characteristics of a boss? I am very interested in your thoughts on this.

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