Some Simple Easy Ways to Save Energy, Keep Warm, and Make a Difference Too!

The chill of autumn is in the air and the leaves on the maple trees on my street are beginning to change.  With the recent rises in energy costs and the economic whirlwind, I’ve been thinking about weather stripping and caulk a lot more than the new fall fashions.  My little cottage is over eight years old and a bit drafty.  I am spending some money now on insulation hoping I can reduce my energy bills this winter.

I’ve added caulk, weather stripping, and some cute foam and fabric wind blockers around a couple of windows and doors.  Bolstered by this successful entry into energy savings, I’ve begun investigating bigger projects to help my budget.  Another simple change I am considering is upgrading to a programmable energy saving thermostat.  This device when combined with my existing ceiling fan could help keep me warn without pinching my wallet.  Reversing the polarity of the ceiling fan motor and keeping it on a low setting will bring the warm air rising to the ceiling back down to the living area.

A recent project at work aimed at small business owners has me thinking about harnessing the power of air at my house.  When the cold winds blow, they could be working for me to reduce energy costs and the same approach works in the blustery days of spring if I had a wind turbine.  Several of the big box stores sell wind turbines for homes and businesses along with many websites.  Click here to see one model of turbine that could just be my way of harnessing the wind! I’m doing my homework after hearing the way wind power is fueling new enterprises and creating new jobs across the nation.

According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, the United States is the fastest growing wind power market in the world.   Legendary oil and gas entrepreneur, T. Boone Pickens, wants consumers and small business owners to learn more about alternative and renewable energy sources. Click here to see the first in a series of streaming video segments I worked on at about harnessing the wind and how it could change our economy and dependency on foreign oil.

October is Energy Awareness Month and I will be investigating more simple, inexpensive ways to reduce energy and save money in small businesses and homes alike!  I hope you will share your ideas for saving energy and money in these tumultuous times.

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