Some Positive News on the Economic Front—Especially if You Want to Work from Home

The turbulent economy is getting a lot of attention, but there are some bright spots on the business landscape. Prices are declining for several forms of energy and some jobs previously outsourced are returning to the United States. A growing number of companies are bringing back American jobs by using home-based workers linked by technology.  More than 150-thousand customer service professionals currently work from their homes and the number is growing every day.

For example, an electronics warranty service based in Virginia is making plans to expand to the Midwest.  An announcement today forecasts adding as many as 480 work-at-home customer service jobs over the next three years! NEW Electronics Warranty Customer Service Corporation needs employees to work out of their homes, answering calls and trouble-shooting questions.  The warranty company plans to begin hiring early next year in Carbondale, Illinois.  The home-based workers hired will undergo six weeks of training before taking calls.  NEW’s training courses utilize Computer Based Training (CBT), Internet-based training, instructional videos, and a “training toolbox” that includes a variety of training aids. When face-to-face training isn’t practical or needs to be supplemented, NEW utilizes its in-house video production department to produce state-of-the-art training videos, CDs and DVDs.   NEW has opened eleven work-at-home programs for customer service representatives this year alone!  In addition to the work at home training sites, the company has nine contact centers.

A growing number of well-known firms are using some home-based workers including J-Crew, Office Depot and Direct TV.  Home-based call centers have to spend very little on advertising or recruiting because so many potential agents hear about the positions through stories in the news, friends, or their own proactive research.  But small businesses are also tapping the power of a virtual workforce too. In this podcast on you can hear how one enterprise is finding success supplying virtual assistants and other staffers to the businesses who need their help—just click here.

Looking for a virtual worker, customer service staff, or looking for a job based in your home?  You will find a lot of streaming video segments, articles, podcasts and information on about working at home including a Power Lunch program with Susan Wilson Solovic. Legal Editor Cliff Ennico looks at some issues for the home based worker. You will find many more free resources on launching a home-based business or working from home on and check out the websites below. home-based customer service agents – virtual call center provider using home-based customer service agents – links freelancers with employers in IT, graphic design, writing, engineering, translation, marketing, accounting and administrative and legal services – call center company that provides clinical and non-clinical telephone services to health plans, healthcare providers, and care managers nationwide – be a virtual assistant

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