Why Blogging Works-Even for the NASA Astronauts in Outer Space. What Can Blogs Do for You?

NASA astronaut Sandra Magnus is scheduled to go into space aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour but she will be taking her blog with her. The mission is set to blast off Friday, November 14th, 2008.  The space shuttle will drop Magnus off at the International Space Station for a four-month stay, during which time she will be blogging from space in an effort to get more people; especially children, interested in science.

Magnus, a Missouri University of Science and Technology graduate will be answering some questions submitted by youngsters who attended a recent Aerospace Camp at Missouri S&T.  The questions and answers, along with other commentary from Magnus and interactive NASA links, will be available at http://spacebook.mst.edu/ .

The primary mission for Magnus and other crew members during this voyage is to install equipment needed to support a six-person crew aboard the space station.

So what does an astronaut blogging from space have to do with you?  It is a great way to connect with people whether for business or on a personal level. Especially in a challenging economy blogs can be a great way to get exposure.  Many public blogging sites are free; while other charge only small frees.  The nature of blogs, derived from the term “web log” means blogs can be frequently updated.

For a business, a blog allows your enterprise to connect with potential and established clients in an informal, no-pressure format.  A blog can highlight new product or service offerings, awards or expertise of your staff, and the new offerings from your firm.  All these things can establish your firm as the best choice in a casual way to inspire customer loyalty.  At the same time, blogs can give you insight into your customer’s needs.  Asking for opinions and feedback allows current and potential customers to collaborate with you to develop new services or products or trouble shoot challenges in your enterprise. Award winning marketer, John Jantsch, known as the Duct Tape Marketer shared some tips on blogging to build business with SBTV.com CEO Susan Wilson Solovic in a streaming video segment.  Click here to view it now.

SBTV.com’s Legal Editor, Cliff Ennico wrote this article about avoiding lawsuits in the blogosphere.  Click here to view.

Have you used a blog to promote an event in your life or business?  Do you have a blogging tale to share? Please let me know what you think about blogs and how you use them.

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