Green from the Floor Up?

I see a lot items about sustainable business and the effort to “go green” for consumers, small business, and institutions.  But today new research on what most Americans think about greenhouse gases got my attention.

A new Harris Interactive survey shows 42 percent of Americans mistakenly think automobiles give off the most CO2 emissions.  According to the survey sponsored by design software maker Autodesk, only four percent knew it was actually buildings like offices, schools, and private homes that are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

I am not new to the topic of sustainable design.  I’ve written about eight hundred mayors taking part in the U-S Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and making the first commitment by U-S elected officials to seek attainment of the Kyoto-established greenhouse gas reductions. But I did not know the places where we work and live contribute the most to greenhouse emissions.

The mayor of Clayton, Missouri is instrumental in green building initiatives.  Before Linda Goldstein took office as mayor, she won awards for her efforts to keep tons of carpet out of landfills as General Manager of CI Select Flooring Solutions.  You can hear interview segments with Mayor Goldstein about sustainable business design and going green on by clicking here.

If you want to go green from the floor up in your home or business, new software is available allowing architects and engineers perform a “green test drive” on a building’s design.  They can create an intelligent 3D computer model of the building, then simulate and analyze countless scenarios of different lighting conditions, ventilation and environmental factors to significantly reduce its carbon footprint before a single brick is laid. You can learn more at

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