Three Reasons For Going Mobile More

Many of us are doing more while on the move. The pace of business and life requires we are productive on the go.  It is not only the business executive who needs instant information in an easy to access form.  Parents waiting with children at the school bus stop, check the weather forecast and e-mail before heading to work.  The job is not necessarily in an office, technology is giving more of us freedom over where we work and how we connect outside the traditional workplace setting.

Daily newscasts especially for the self employed, small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs are also accessible by mobile device. Daily News is now available on multiple platforms at

Multi-tasking extends to technology with more mobile devices offering new options for greater efficiency.  Mobile phones can take photos, capture and play video, give you directions and put the Internet in your hand.  A growing number of mobile devices can put the power of an entire office in reach on the road.  Click here to see a short demonstration of mobile office options from a variety of brands and carriers.

These mobile options may give you a competitive edge in these challenging economic times.  It is possible they may also give you more free time as you become more productive while on the road or waiting in lines, give you access to critical information when and where you need it, reduce the amount of equipment you need to carry around.  I think these are three great reasons for going mobile!

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