Winning the Name Game

New parents often agonize over the right name for a newborn.  A name can be so important in life.  So it is with a start-up enterprise.   Entrepreneurs must consider many factors when naming a new business.

A new business owner in Chicago is winning the name game.  In fact, his re-name for the hair salon he recently purchased was the reason I called him this week.  You see Mike Elsheikh changed the name of the business from “Ossama’s Hair Design” to “Obama Hair Design” creating an instant buzz around his neon sign in the front window and his business!  After just a few weeks with a new name and sign in place, more customers are coming in for a cut or style.

An Egyptian-born U. S. citizen, Elsheikh, worked as a stylist at the salon when Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida launched the 2001 terrorist attacks.  The number of customers coming into the then-named “Ossama’s Hair Design” dropped dramatically. When the former owner sold the enterprise during the 2008 presidential campaign, Elsheikh licensed the “Obama Hair Design”.  He officially renamed the salon soon after the election.  The new neon sign has recently gone up and has become an attraction as people stop to have their photos taken in front his business.  Elsheikh has not heard from Barack Obama, but he doesn’t think he will mind his campaign was behind the name change.

Are you thinking about a name for your new business?  Looking for a competitive edge with a new name for your existing enterprise? Featured Advisor Tim Berry has some thoughts on winning the name game in this short streaming video.

Just click here to get some great tips on choosing a name for your business. Is it time to think about a new name?

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