Pilot Praised for ‘Miracle on Hudson’ Landing also Dedicated Small Business Owner

The US Airways pilot who brought a jet with engine problems down safely into New York’s Hudson River earned a reputation for safety before he saved all 155 people aboard the damaged plane.

When Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III, of Danville, California is not flying commercial aircraft, he serves as president as a safety consulting firm.  The former fighter pilot heads up Safety Reliability Methods, a firm building on “the ultra-safe world of commercial aviation” as a platform for consulting in other fields, according to the company website.  Sullenberger’s firm applies high performance and reliability processes to enterprises in a variety of industries to create an error-trapping system to benefit the bottom line.  The firm’s consulting business draws on Sullenberger’s forty years of experience in high performance, high risk applications including the energy industry and construction operations.

In addition to Sullenberger’s role as a pilot and business owner, he serves as visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley.  He has participated in the University’s response to recent disasters at the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) which was founded after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation.  The photograph is from Sullenberger’s business website.


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