Innovative Women Defy Economy & Have Fun While Making $$$

The turmoil in the economy, financial stress and worries are driving a smashing business today. A former veterinarian, Sarah Lavely is finding plenty of patrons want to pay to relieve stress by smashing things! The idea came to the California entrepreneur at a low point in her life when she thought she’d just love to go somewhere and smash something; and realized perhaps other people would pay for the opportunity to smash something in a safe, fun environment.

“Sarah’s Smash Shack” in San Diego provides protective gear and music for customers to hurl plates, glasses and novelties as hard as they can! Patrons pick from a varied menu of smashable
items or bring in their own and pay for blocks of time to pulverize and release pent-up frustration! Click here to see one of Sarah’s Smash Shack menus.

Some customers write messages on the plates before shattering them—other paste pictures of family or co-workers on the pottery before the smashing begins! Sarah’s Smash Shack recycles the broken bits of pottery and china through mosaic art programs.

Would you rather make pottery than break it? One smart business owner has built a successful business around fun and pottery. Lisa Mendoza took her hobby and art and found a way to make it pay with a studio offering fun for people of all ages. ‘The Painted Pot’ offers classes, instruction and parties in Brooklyn, New York. ‘The Painted Pot” is the focus of a video segment on how you may be able to make a hobby pay- click here to view the short video on

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