Create Your Own Stimulus Plan by Launching a New or Part-Time Business

Thriving and growing enterprises in a shrinking economy isn’t easy. But many people are creating their own enterprise in an attempt to beat the current recession. In a time filled with stress and worries; more people are finding small business ownership holds the promise of a way to gain some control in tumultuous times.

Launching a small business is not for everyone; but many people find it is an outlet for their creativity and is a way to turn the current down economy into a positive.  You don’t have to go it alone in your new business.  You can watch or listen to free video and audio segments online as a wide variety of business experts take on the common challenges of owning a small firm including
marketing, management, productivity and cash flow. Get tips and advice from award-winning small business experts on on how to not only survive, but thrive in tough times.

From profit boosting and cost-saving moves to techniques to tap new markets for your enterprise, marketing experts are just a click away.  These are just a few of the top business marketing leaders featured on  John Jantsch, Kim Castle, Michael Gerber, Diane DiResta, Jaclyn Kostner, Delia Passi, Sam Black, Jaynie Smith, Susan Benjamin, Wally Amos, Chet Holmes, Sam Carpenter, Chris Hurn, and John Winsor.    Looking for new technology to save money and become more productive?   Check out tips from Andrew Field, Mark Taylor, Gene Marks, and Dan Clark!

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