Retailer Offers Help to Unemployed: Free Business Suit & Cash$$

One national retailer is offering an unusual promotion to connect with customers dealing with economic turmoil and rising unemployment:  a free business suit and cash for the newly unemployed.

Jos. A. Bank Clothiers Inc. is launching a promotion promising to refund a customer up to $199 for a suit purchased by April 9, 2009 if the customer loses his job between April 16th and July 1st, 2009.  The customer only needs to provide proof of purchase and unemployment to keep the purchase price of the suit and the clothing!

“We believe we are the only national men’s apparel company offering this special program to its customers,” explained R. Neal Black, CEO of JoS. A. Bank. “At JoS. A. Bank we understand the uncertainty everyone is facing. We want to help the customer look good at work, and if he loses his job, to be dressed appropriately as he meets with his next employer. It’s like giving all of our customers a bit of unemployment insurance,” added Black.

The new jobless offer is part of a $199 suit sale running at stores in 42 states, a catalog and an e-commerce website that can be accessed at   If you have a promotion or offer inspired by the current economy, please let me know.  Or if you see an interesting offer showing how business owners are connecting with consumers, I would appreciate you sending me a note!

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