Can Twitter Give You an Edge in this Economy?

Twitter, Facebook…..these social media tools are becoming more of a business basic for promoting and marketing a small business. I am doing more than talking about new media tools to promote and market small business. I’m using several of these free communication tools to stay connected during the business day.

One of them is Twitter. If you aren’t sure what Twitter is think of instant messages from your mobile device or computer to send updates called tweets, which are text posts of up to 140 characters.

Twitter is set to surpass The New York Times in the number of unique visitors this month, according to While the Times has seen a respectable 22.1 percent annual growth in online visitors over the past year, visitors to Twitter’s site have grown a staggering 1,202.2% over the same period.

Twitter offers practical ways for small business marketing and promotion. Twitter is a way for the small business owner to connect with consumers, clients, and other members of the business community. Many successful people have found a way to make the public instant messages work to increase their profile.

Twitter allows you to reach many people in a short time and permits a small business owner to emphasize commitment to customers. Carefully crafted Tweets offer a marketing strategy and opportunity to demonstrate the value you offer that sets your small business apart from the competition! When organizing your Tweets, you will be restricted by the number of characters, but also think about the valuable information you can share to attract people. If you can show your prospects and clients you care about solving their challenges and helping them; it positions you as the expert in your field and the go-to-person for solutions.

The information you share on Twitter also helps spread the word about the services you offer by

incorporating your contact information into your Tweets. But avoid making your message a blatant advertisement for your products and services! The focus of your messages on Twitter should be on the benefits for your target audience.

Twitter also allows me to stay in touch with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are making news and leaders in their fields of expertise. These people are an important resource when I have a question while working on a project or writing an article.

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