The Scent of Sales- Should Fragrance Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Many people have a favorite fragrance and your favorite small business may have an aroma too!  Fragrance as a marketing strategy for small business is a growing trend.  Some business owners are finding ways to connect with consumers and build brand awareness by appealing to customer’s noses!
Did you know Omni hotels are perfumed with a mix of green tea and lemongrass? It is one example of the way scents are playing a bigger role in today’s business climate.  Studies have shown that a scented environment leads consumers to stay longer and spend more.
Another retail chain of culinary shops uses scents to entice shoppers.  It is just one in a growing number of businesses using fragrance to help consumers to connect with their products and business brand.
Several department stores use scent machines to highlight a special or attach an aroma to their marketing strategy for growing business.  One researcher says a familiar scent can do a lot. ““Smell is directly linked to emotion and memory processing in the brain, which makes aromas capable of influencing our mood and behavior, “explained Rachel Herz, Ph.D.

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