Where is the sticker for my computer? How do you handle it?

There is a sticker on the windshield of my car, reminding me every time I get behind the wheel my car is due for an oil change.  The ever present reminder may go ignored, but I always know just how overdue I am to see my neighborhood mechanic for a check-up. 

My computer is a different story.  I have several packages of Web protection, but I admit I am a little hazy on just when the machine gets attention.  It seems I am not alone.  More than 80 percent of users do not follow a regular maintenance schedule for their personal computers, according to a survey from Staples Inc.

Staples is best known for selling office supplies, but its EasyTechs unit is also a technology service provider helping the self-employed, small business, and consumers keep technology working at full potential.

In a recent media release, Staples noted a majority of the work performed by their EasyTechs “involves reactive repairs that could have been prevented, saving costs and computer down-time” and that PC owners should consider regular tune-ups and check-ups of their PCs.”

Is your computer or technology in need of a little TLC?  How do you keep up with the maintenance on your office equipment?  Let me know if you have a system you want to share!  Go to www.sbtv.com and click on community to share your ideas.

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