Small Business Owners Can Make their Own Spark & Create a Bang for the 4th of July

The call is going out around our small business for a portable grill this week, as employees are planning a cook-out.  Our pre-Independence Day cook-out will be a small affair, an opportunity to say good-bye to a colleague and get together in a casual setting. 

Many people will be getting together around grills, parades, and festivals in the coming week and small business owners have an opportunity to be heard above the bands and fireworks. Members of Congress will be joining state and local officials at parades and other public events around the July 4th holiday to connect with their constituents. This gives entrepreneurs an excellent opportunity to meet face-to-face with lawmakers about how issues before Congress impact their business.


Some of the hot topics impacting the nation’s small firms include:  health care reform, energy costs, the “Employee Free Choice Act” and the credit crunch.  There are also many state and local issues impacting small business under consideration  where you probably have something to say—so do it—say it
  Go up with a hot dog or pie in hand and tell your representative what you think.  I suggest pie or brat as a way to get a few minutes with them before they continue making the rounds among constituents.  You may create a spark with your lawmaker that will be glowing long after the July 4th fireworks have faded!


The innovation, creativity, and diverse small business landscape are the focus for’s senior producer, Danita Blackwood.  Before joining, Danita produced the nation’s highest rated local morning newscast at NBC affiliate, KSDK-TV in Saint Louis.  Her extensive journalism experience includes line, field, and special event producing of both local and national news events.   Danita draws on a background as a producer, reporter and anchor for a number of affiliate television stations around the country. 

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