Red, White, Blue and Small Business as We Celebrate Our Nation’s Birthday

Festivals, parades and fireworks displays are all a part of the 4th of July…and many small businesses make the products making up the red, white and blue pageantry the holiday holds. The United States remains the globe’s top manufacturer by value of goods produced. For every $1 of value produced in China factories, the United States generates $2.50. 


American companies are now producing more goods other nations cannot make, so the “Made in USA” sticker is more likely to be found on technology products, components in other consumer goods or heavy equipment than merchandise commonly found in your local department store.

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, one entrepreneur is giving shoppers new options to buy American.  Todd Lipscomb, an Asia expert and former tech industry executive, was so haunted by what he learned living in Asia; he chucked it all to found

Already this Website is one of nation’s most visited resources for American-made products, Todd is looking to grow his website and talked with about how small business owners can become a part of the website.  Go to and look for more ways to support the small business owners and manufacturers keeping our nation’s communities working!

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