Thinking Outside the Bar –the Candy Bar

All entrepreneurs are focusing on innovation and the candy industry is no exception.

  A new survey of candy and chocolate experts finds taste buds are tingling for bold new experiences.

The National Confectioners Association’s 2009 Confectionery Industry Trend Report captured the leading six trends that will drive the future of flavor and candy innovations. Susan Whiteside is with the NCA says consumers want more than just taste; “Products with a healthier profile are really going to be driving forces in the next three to five years.” Whiteside predicts we’ll see a global impact on the sweets Americans enjoy.

Whiteside says another trend is that chocolate isn’t just for dessert anymore; “Lots of chefs are taking chocolate and cocoa into the kitchen and using it in savory applications in appetizers or with steak, and chicken, and salmon.  We are seeing lots of innovation on chocolate and flavor combinations. And one combination that’s been very popular are chocolate and smoky flavors like chocolate and bacon, or chocolate and cheese, or even chocolate and mushroom,” added Whiteside.

That is right, she said chocolate and bacon and chocolate and mushroom.  If you want to learn more head to

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