More Small Businesses are Tapping the Power of Video Online

More businesses are finding video content is boosting business and helping get attention.  If you can create a popular viral video; your business name could soon become a common household phrase.  A new online video playing on thousands of computers may just do that!

One of the summer’s top movies around the world is “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”  The popular movie may be the inspiration behind a viral video starring a laptop in what seems to be an ordinary small business or office.  However, as the video progresses it becomes apparent this is no ordinary MacBook laptop when the computer begins a transformation!  This popular video is a viral ad for La Poste, the French post office!  Click here to see versatile laptop at work: 

Online video is helping many small business owners connect with consumers and open new markets.  To learn more about the growing explosion of online video click here.

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