Homeowner Fighting to Save House Becomes Entrepreneurial Sensation

A homemaker facing foreclosure on her home is now an entrepreneurial sensation!  Angela Logan originally had a goal to sell 100 apple cakes to friends and family for $40 apiece to help make her mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure on the house she has lived in for twenty years.

But when the media heard her story, journalists began showing up at her New Jersey kitchen to tell the story of her delectable apple desserts.  Logan, an actress found the apple cake recipe when she was working on a documentary and is now baking her way to a growing business.

Logan decided to sell the cakes to help make a $2,600 mortgage payment, as part of a new federal program intended to help families avoid losing their homes.  She says her financial problems began after an unscrupulous contractor hired to do a remodel after storm damage and instead cost her $50,000 in damages and led to the foreclosure problems.

Now Logan is rising before dawn and baking into the night to fill the hundreds of orders coming in from around the world for her ‘mortgage apple cakes’.  The orders are coming in from across the nation and even from Iraq, where a U.S. soldier ordered two cakes to be delivered to a homeless shelter in his name.

Logan is having a tough time keeping up with the orders in a home kitchen and being the sole baker.   Logan’s home made cakes were first sold to her church, family and friends before she launched a business website: www.maccakes.com

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