eBay has Changes Coming to Boost Sales Online: Sign up for Free Webinars

With 88 million active users worldwide and more than 15 million average daily live listings, the eBay marketplace represents the largest e-commerce site in the world.  Every year, total sales on eBay top $60 billion dollars, more than any other online retailer and nearly a quarter of all online sales combined!  With more than 1 million people earning their primary or secondary income on eBay.com, the online commerce site is taking new steps to increase sales and profitability.


Under a new program scheduled to go into effect in the fall, eBay is introducing some changes to reward sellers who consistently deliver a good shopping experience to eBay buyers; even if the sellers aren’t among the top sellers best known on eBay as PowerSellers.

The new seller program, which starts in October, makes use of eBay’s current star ratings for feedback with one star for listed as the worst ranging to stars as the best shopping experience on eBay.  In order to qualify as a top-rated seller, less than 0.5 percent of a seller’s feedback can be scores of 1 or 2. That marks a change from the past, when eBay generally provided incentives based on a seller’s average feedback score.  And not every vendor will be eligible for the new program.  Sellers must have at least 100 sales, worth a total of at least $3,000, on eBay per year.

Those entrepreneurs who qualify as top-rated vendors will get a 20 percent discount on the fees they must pay eBay after selling an item, along with a virtual badge they can display on their pages to indicate their status. Products they offer will be more likely to show up in searches that buyers make on eBay,

eBay is holding webinars on July 28,2009 and July 30, 2009 to talk about the upcoming changes and how the new initiative can help entrepreneurs looking to grow their enterprise.  You can sign up for the free Webinars and view other details of the planned changes at http://pages.ebay.com/sell/July2009Update/Overview/

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