Partner Organizations Honored

Several partner organization leaders and executives are on a list of top association leaders and non-profit executives from CEO Update, the publication that covers executive careers in association, nonprofits and professional societies.

The CEO survey recognition was based on such skills as legislative achievement, leadership, crisis management, coalition and consensus building and excellence in membership programs. partner organizations included in the research are:

Matthew Shay: International Franchise Association : Shay has been leading his association through a tumultuous economy since becoming CEO in 2005. A vocal champion for the role that small businesses play in the economy, he has been calling on the government to make small-business loans easier to obtain.

Dawn Sweeney: National Restaurant Association: Like others managing groups in hard-hit industries, Sweeny has been wrestling with trimming (and streamlining) her staff, focused on molding a strategic advocacy team well positioned to target the issues of food safety, immigration and card check legislation.

As part of the research for this special report, CEO Update consulted the experts—CEOs themselves—to identify these leaders, asking peers who they think has made top marks. For full information on the research you can visit password protected

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