Local Auto Dealers Create their Own Privately Funded Stimulus Program

After months of declining car sales and closing dealerships, consumers are back in local dealerships today with the success of ‘Cash for Clunkers’.   But not all prospective buyers qualify, so automotive retailers across the nation have created their own privately funded stimulus program to provide additional incentives to make it easier to get a newer more fuel efficient vehicle for consumers and enterprises left out of ‘Cash for Clunkers.’

The Automotive Stimulus Plan was to compliment the government’s program and to compensate for some of the gaps that don’t allow consumers to purchase pre-owned vehicles or chose a short term lease. The Automotive Stimulus Plan is funded by retailers to provide incentives to consumers that will reduce inventory levels, help the economy and the environment at the same time. In addition to providing trade-in credits, the Automotive Stimulus Plan also includes deep discounts and special financing which helps consumers get into a newer vehicle for affordable payments.

“Letting consumers lease a new vehicle or buy a pre-owned vehicle without any down payment makes it affordable for a lot of people who could not participate otherwise,” said Scott Gruwell from Courtesy Chevrolet, one of GM’s largest dealers and one of the retailers participating in www.AutoStimulusPlan.com.

The Automotive Stimulus Plan incentives can be used by consumers to buy pre-owned vehicles and to lease a new vehicle for any term that makes their payments more affordable. The program also promises fewer requirements, easier paperwork and no required down payment if the consumer qualifies.

“Under our stimulus program a customer can get a new Accord for $5 a day which means they can drive a car for free when you deduct the gas savings,” said Brian Benstock from Paragon Automotive Group in New York, one of the participating retailers. Part of Benstock’s interview with SBTV.com is scheduled to air on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 on www.sbtv.com.

The Automotive Stimulus Plan incentives vary by region and dealership based on the make and model of vehicles they sell. Consumers can learn more about the program and begin connecting with participating retailers by visiting the website: www.AutoStimulusPlan.com

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