The IRS Takes on Online Fraud & Identity Theft in Free Upcoming Phone Forum

The Internal Revenue Service is not only dealing with taxes; but the agency is also taking on the rising threat of online fraud and identity theft.  An upcoming free phone forum entitled: “Everyone’s at Risk – Combating the Increasing Threat of Online Fraud and Identity Theft” is scheduled for August 19, 2009 from the convenience of your business, home, or office.

This IRS phone forum is especially for :

  • Tax professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Payroll professionals
  • Industry partners
  • Small business organizations
  • Small business owners
  • State and local governments

Learn about:

  • IRS identity protection efforts
  • Process for reporting tax-related identity theft
  • Victim assistance
  • IRS efforts to combat online fraud targeted at taxpayers
  • How to report phishing schemes targeted at taxpayers

You can sign up online at just type “phone forum” in the search box.  The IRS phone forum is free; but you must pre-register in advance.

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