From the Ground to the Glass: Small Businesses Making Fine Wine While Going Green

One of my favorite segments on profiles an award-winning California winemaker who is also the first Mexican-American woman to be president of a wine production company in the United States. CEO Susan Wilson Solovic toured Ceja winery and brings us a different view of the fruit of the vines.  You can view it with a click here.

Susan’s interview with Ameilai Ceja is an example of how independent businesses around the California wine industry are a formidable force. Independent vintners and small businesses around the wine industry have helped make California the world’s fourth largest wine producer. 





California also has the most widely adopted green wine growing and wine making program in the world. The California Sustainable Wine growing Alliance, is promoting the earth-friendly business
practices embraced by the independent business owners growing grapes and operating successful wineries.

“Consumers are interested in knowing where and how their wines are grown and made, and the California wine community has responded by becoming a progressive advocate of environmentally conscious practices,” notes Robert Koch, President and CEO of Wine Institute.

At the heart of California’s sustainability movement is the Code of Sustainable Wine Growing, a 16-chapter workbook that lays out best practices to farm and make wine from the ground to the glass. 

For more information about California’s Sustainable Wine growing Program, go to,,, or

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