Small Business Tip: Green Videos & Free Going Green to Save Green Guide

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are driving innovation today…..literally! recycleSmall business owners and self-employed professionals are taking part in a two year test of hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicles. Click here to hear from one of the test-drivers and see what the hydrogen fuel test cars look like.

Small business owners are also starting from the ground up in going green in business. Government incentives and energy savings are two reasons small business owners are choosing to build green. Click here to learn more about green building initiatives and incentives on the small business level.

Small business owners don’t have to remodel or redesign their facility to go green. Small changes can add up to big savings and impact in daily business procedures. Reduce, recycle and reuse can make a big difference for the environment and a small business budget. An added benefit of going green in business is your customers and community may note your efforts. One way to increase community awareness is featuring neat and well placed recycling bins to promote environmental awareness in your enterprise.

You may also consider teaming up with neighboring firms to reduce collection service costs and space needed for recycling and dumpsters. In many cases it can reduce the costs of your trash pick-up.

These are a few of the energy saving efforts around my office:

  • Minimize use of phantom-power devices with timers, unplug them when not in use, or plug such appliances and chargers into power strips and turn them off when not in use.
  • Switch to energy-saving compact fluorescent or LED lighting products.
  • Eliminate energy waste – locate leaks around windows, doors and other building features and install weatherization products.
  • Explore LED and other innovative energy-saving lighting options.
  • Maximize daylight in your business.
  • Install a water-filtration device on your drinking faucets instead of using bottled water – or just drink the tap water.
  • Purchase used or reconditioned office furniture or store fixtures.

There are also some great tips, techniques and initiatives in a new whitepaper for small business owners, titled, “How to Be Green and Stay Lean: How Being Sustainable Can Save Your Business Money.” The new report is the first in a multi-topic whitepaper series produced especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners by Sam’s Club. You can access the green whitepaper by clicking here.

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