Small Business Tip: Entrepreneurs Lead the Way in Green IT

The second annual Green IT trend survey by CDW Corporation is out and entrepreneurs are not letting the current economic downturn stall green IT initiatives.  In fact, researchers found small businesses are the most likely to invest in Green IT in the coming months, even in light of the recession. Small businesses came out on top for green IT plans over other sectors including government and large corporate initiatives. 


Nearly a third (31 percent) of small business IT decision makers say their companies plan to implement Green IT initiatives in the next two years!—more than any other corporate or government sector. More than half (54 percent) still report cost as the greatest barrier to implementing Green IT solutions.


Small business is also driving green technology on the nation’s highways!  Small business owners and self-employed professionals are taking part in a two year test of hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehiclesClick here to hear from one of the test-drivers and see what the hydrogen fuel test cars look like.

Small business owners are also starting from the ground up in going green in business. Government incentives and energy savings are two reasons small business owners are choosing to build green. Click here to learn more about green building initiatives and incentives on the small business level.

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