Small Business Tip: Fighting the Flu with Free Shots & Wellness Help

Small business and mid-sized companies are increasingly developing initiatives to help employees develop a healthier lifestyle. With a rising number of sick days taken by employees and increasing health care costs, employers have a vested interest in the health and wellness of their workers. More business owners are working to create low cost wellness programs and the authors of the book, “Discover Wellness: How Staying Well Can Make You Rich”, offer some suggestions in this short video interview.

Putting an emphasis on healthy behaviors in your enterprise can help workers be more productive.  A number of simple ideas can help steer staff toward healthier choices. Click here to see just a few in a free video of “Your Healthy Biz.”

Effective wellness programs do not have to be expensive. Changing vending machine selections or offering health training such as smoking cessation programs or weight loss clinics can help workers make better choices.  Steering staff toward a healthier lifestyle can begin with free, seminars from community health agencies or a wellness fair.

One drugstore operator is pledging to provide 100,000 free flu shots starting Monday, October 5, 2009. CVS pharmacies in sixteen states will give away vouchers to unemployed people for three million dollars in flu shots. The vouchers will be given out at some One-Stop Career Centers starting Oct. 5. The vouchers can be redeemed at CVS pharmacies that are running flu shot clinic events, or during regular business hours at walk-in MinuteClinics inside CVS stores.
More information on contacting the individual employment centers participating in the free flu voucher program can be found at

The CVS free flu shot vouchers will be available in Washington, DC, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, and Virginia.

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