Frostbox’s Business Proposition: Your Social Media Biographer

ImageHow much time do you spend on social networks?   Are you backing up all those photos, videos, documents, and links?  Those awesome Facebook snapshots of your childhood friends or the Flickr photos of your kids that always make you smile could be lost.  Your entire online network of colleagues and clients along with the proposal you spent all weekend working on could be lost due to a computer virus, hackers, or fat fingers.  Scary thought, huh?  One start-up business is offering a one-stop back-up for your personal social media data.  A cloud platform, Frostbox, has sights set on becoming the Dropbox of social media.

The business plan also has a significant social media component as Frostbox offers a stake to social media users — but only those with Klout scores of 60 and above.  I first heard about the innovative marketing approach via Todd Wasserman’s post.  It seems standard campaigns are open those with scores of 45 or more, this plan is a social experiment with Klout to document the growth of a single company when people with high influence have a vested interest in its success.  What do you think?  Will you invest some social influence in this start-up?  It could translate into “points” rather than direct equity in Frostbox or perhaps gifts like an iPad Mini for  participating in this social experiment.


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