Your Windows Of Opportunity


Ericsson gives sneak peek into connected future

A regular window as a portal of opportunities?  Yes! It is possible using a transparent antenna, an ordinary window could easily become part of the mobile broadband network, boosting indoor coverage for a great mobile experience inside buildings.  For busy commuters, bus and subway rides can be super productivity and tech surf times. By connecting train or bus windows, the daily commute becomes a very effective, extended office or a well-connected tech hub.

The possibilities to tech windows of opportunity don’t stop at the bus or subway stop! Connected windows offer a spectrum of new and exciting possibilities such as automated blinds and cloud control for ventilation, lights, and other household appliances. The connected window holds opportunities to reduce building energy consumption and by adding transparent solar cells to produce electricity, these applications can power themselves and deliver excess energy into the smart grid.  Windows could be used as a whiteboard that captures what you have written and emails you the notes and much more.

The Mobile World Congress begins today and Ericsson will show the mobile world what the Networked Society could look like by 2020.  You don’t have to travel to Barcelona to see the demonstration of how ordinary windows may became key in the high-speed mobile broadband highway.  Just check out the video below on how this technology can make it easy for you to connect to your social network wherever you are.

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