Game of Numbers as Technology Unlocks Insights in Fantasy Football

Football is back and in offices and coffee shops, fans are talking about their favorite teams and their fantasy drafts. Even on late night television; Jimmy Fallon and drummer, Questlove, of the Roots shared fantasy football draft insights.

It is a serious matter for millions of football fans. Recent research by Intel shows 75 percent of fantasy football players demand real-time data, and two-thirds feel that technology is critical to helping them successfully manage their teams.

Tech tools can help teams determine how factors such as weather, time of day, travel schedules, team composition and the frequency of injuries could affect the likelihood of a win.  More than five million pieces of data from on-field sensors, video feeds and other sources will be collected and analyzed to give teams and fantasy football players a competitive edge this season!  STATS, one sports technology, data and content company, uses real-time scores, historical sports information and turnkey fantasy sports platforms. This information is provided to media companies and professional sports leagues, and to teams for game analysis and tactical coaching tools.

Check out this video on how technology and mobile connectivity are bringing fans closer to the game:

Tech tools change the fantasy football experience

Tech tools change the fantasy football experience

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