Give the Gift of a Lifetime – Save a Pet Life for National Pet Month!

May is National Pet Month and there are many ways to celebrate the animals in your life. Most local animal shelters are in need of volunteers and donations to find homes for great pets.

A Missouri animal shelter and director/producer are part of an 8-episode web series on saving homeless pets. In this video Adam Shankman introduces us to Jake, a dog he rescued from a box in a parking lot and other animals looking for homes with the help of dedicated volunteers.

You can view all the video stories produced by actor/producer Josh Duhamel online now.

Another Missouri facility, the Animal Protective Association of Missouri, is asking businesses and individuals to become month-long “Adoption Angels”. By making a tax-deductible donation to cover the adoption fees, sponsors assist anywhere from 5-25 homeless pets. The identity of the chosen animals is unknown to both the sponsor and the adopter until the APA staff informs the adopter that their new friend’s adoption fee has already been paid. To learn more about becoming an Adoption Angel call the APA Development Department at (314) 645-4610 ext. 12

How will you observe National Pet Month? Share your ideas and thoughts on helping great animals and the people who love them.

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