Adoption Angels Allows Business and Community Leaders to Help Pay It Forward for Homeless Pets

ImageAre you an animal lover and friend to homeless pets? There is an easy way to expand your influence through your power as a consumer and community member to get your favorite businesses, clubs and organizations involved as well! The Animal Protective Association of Missouri, a not-for-profit animal welfare organization, has a great way for businesses and organizations to reach out to loyal animal lovers and connect with consumers concerned about homeless pets as an Adoption Angel sponsor. Many entrepreneurs and organizations are unaware of this powerful way to ignite social conversation and increase opportunities for community connections.

The APA’s Director of Development, Eileen Musial says “Adoption Angels encourages people to ’pay it forward’ to help homeless pets.” The Adoption Angels initiative is an opportunity for companies, organizations and individuals to become month-long sponsors of 5-25 homeless pets’ adoptions.

The participating pets designated as Adoption Angels is unknown to both the sponsor and the adopter until the APA staff informs the adopter that their new friend’s adoption fee has been paid. What a wonderful surprise; a new furry family member and a wonderful gesture made possible by a leading local business or community organization! Many times this generosity leads to the adopter leaving a donation to help another animal lover enjoy the benefit of an Adoption Angel. In addition to reciprocal generosity, the Adoption Angels initiative connects benefactors and animal lovers on an important day and for the life of the pet.

These Adoption Angel stories shared in person between animal lovers and through online posts, social media and community interactions amplify the good will and consumer engagement for sponsors. In addition, organizations, businesses, and individuals donating as Adoption Angel sponsors receive photos and background information of the adopted pets as well as the additional amount raised through donations as a result of their sponsorship. Could your employer or favorite business benefit from this kind of powerful exposure to ignite social conversation and increase opportunities for community engagement?

There are three tax deductible levels of sponsorship in the Adoption Angel initiative: $5,000 – Man’s Best Friend, $3,000 -Purr-fect Together and $1,000 – Homeward Bound. If your neighborhood business, favorite entrepreneur or civic group wants more information on the many benefits of Adoption Angel sponsorships; have them call the APA Development Department office at (314) 645-4610 ext. 115. Please take a moment and participate in the poll!

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