Blue Light Week Idea to Support Law Enforcement Goes Viral

The Christmas lights may be coming down in some neighborhoods to be replaced with a blue hue as 2015 arrives. David Jessup is leading a social media campaign to support law enforcement with blue colored light bulbs.

The Virginia man says recent events across the nation gave him the idea, “There is a lot of disrespect toward law enforcement, especially now and I think it’s important for our younger generation to understand and respect law.”

The Facebook page for Blue Light Week asks people to replace their porch lights or holiday displays with blue bulbs: “Replace your porch light with a blue light bulb for 1 week to honor all police officers that have fallen in the line of duty. These brave men and women have sacrificed everything for us so let’s show our support.”

The idea has gone viral as many people like the opportunity to show support without marching and protesting. Other social media users on the Facebook page say blue is also a color associated with peace and is a good choice for the times.

A former police officer, Jessup says many officers make the ultimate sacrifice and that’s what this blue light week is about. He hopes the week will become an annual observance. This is a link to one of many videos on the new effort:

Blue Light Week idea goes viral across nation

Blue Light Week idea goes viral across nation

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