Adopt a Shelter Dog


549978_10200513195216643_1431418705_nOctober is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month + Adopt-a-Dog Month®. This is a time to celebrate our canine friends who’ve been adopted into loving homes and to raise awareness of the 3.3 million homeless dogs who enter adoption centers and rescue groups each year in the United States.

APA pet for adoptionGiving your time as a volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue group positions you as a powerful friend to homeless pets. It is a wonderful way to meet other animal lovers and aid awesome pets in finding a home. You can put the power of social media to work for pet adoption and help spread the message.

A national social media campaign, Find Your Fido, is a way to post photos of your own rescue pet or some of the great pets in need of a home. You may use #FindYourFido on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.DLkTTSFV4AAEKUU

This is one of many ways to demonstrate how much love, joy and companionship adopted dogs bring to peoples’ lives. Shelters and rescue groups are filled with desirable animals. As an animal lover or a rescue volunteer you can share some of the great pet personalities and characteristics of animals waiting for homes.

You can learn more about a Find Your Fido promotion underway and get a lot of social media tips on creating adoption posts online at

img_3051I’ve been ‘rescued’ more than five times by shelter dogs. Several have been pedigreed and registered pets from homes where the family could no longer care for them. Others have been mixed breeds and stray dogs rescued from a variety of situations. All of these dogs have been wonderful companions and family pets.

Eleven years ago, I met a wonderful 3-year old Maltese at an adoption center and this teenager still has plenty of personality and pep for adventures. He is a solo pet for now, we lost another wonderful companion of 13 years, a former shelter dog adopted when she was also a 3-year old. Also a Maltese, she was the chief canine in charge of hi-jinks, fun, and laughter. She was sixteen when we had to say good-bye and our family misses her very much. I hope sharing our adoption success stories will inspire others to consider a shelter animal when adding a pet to the

I recommend Petfinder, a free online, searchable database of animals who need homes to be very helpful in searching for adoptable pets. Petfinder puts a directory of nearly 14,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico at your fingertips. The site is updated daily and offers connectivity in several ways. More than 25 million pets have been adopted through Petfinder in the last 20 years. Petfinder is also filled with expert animal care tips and information for all kinds of pets and families. You check out the pets and many helpful articles at


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