About Danita Blackwood

Danita Blackwood is an experienced writer in many formats

Danita Blackwood is an experienced writer in many formats

I am a storyteller and media professional with skills in a variety of formats including video production, media training, new media and social media promotion. A former television reporter and producer, I produced the nation’s top rated local morning newscast at KSDK-TV. I draw on this experience to pitch, create and contribute segments on national television news programs, talk-shows and online outlets including more than sixty local television stations, radio programs, and local websites.

I’ve worked for three websites in content creation, public relations and strategic communications including case studies, blogs, newsletters, and community building. A social and new media enthusiast, I’m open to new ideas and people because every day is an opportunity to learn.

Always searching for ways to connect better, work smarter and improve connections; so please pass along any ideas or suggestions! I have many interests and a deep love for animals. I am a rescue advocate with two former shelter dogs in my pack.

Danita Blackwood multimedia writer and producer

Social media, new media, and traditional media are a few of the outlets for my creativity

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