Pets in the Workplace: The Employee Benefit That Gets Tails Wagging

QF4PV5HB1EIt’s often tough to grab the phone and look into a beloved pet’s eyes as you are about to close the door on them to head to work. More than half of all households in the United States include a pet. About 84.6 million households or 68% of all American homes include at least one pet according to the latest data from the American Pet Product Association’s National Pet Owner Survey.

Fortunately for pet owners more companies are adopting pet-friendly workplace programs, allowing pets to tag along when their best friend leaves for work each day.

cropped-img_20180205_011823-1.jpgThere are business building reasons why companies are increasingly allowing their employees to bring their pets to work. Research reveals pet-friendly workplaces can reduce stress, increase productivity, build collaboration, decrease absenteeism and boost recruiting and more.

2010_tyd_photowinner_louise_thmbSome of the best known brands on the business landscape offer pet-friendly workplaces and other pet-related perks including Google, Mars, Salesforce, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Purina. I’ve been fortunate to work in two business workplaces where pets were encouraged to be part of the team.

An estimated 7 to 11 percent of U.S. pet owners are allowed to bring their pets to the job. Many more have an opportunity one week a year every June. The entire week leading up to Take Your Dog To Work Day® is Take Your Pet To Work Week® which is June 18-21, 2018.  Businesses interested in participating in Take Your Pet To Work Week® can download a free toolkit at  



Small Business Tip: New Social Media Tools & Technology Can Pay off in Profits

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are reaching millions of people with their business brand in 140 characters or less: Twitter!  According to recent research from eMarketer, there will soon be about 18 million U.S. adults who access Twitter monthly. Usage is expected to reach 26 million U.S. adults in 2010.   An exclusive interview with one of Twitter’s co-founders provides small business owners with tips in this video.

More than 56% of marketers plan to incorporate social media into their businesses next year, according to the Center for Media Research.  Many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve met in our community already seeing amazing results and we’ve got their stories!


One of the newest features on Google Search has the potential to turn the Web into one huge network!

The new tool allows users to comment on any Web site and then displays comments from other users in a side bar as move around the Internet. Rather than personal connections, the comments displayed will be based on a number of rankings, including the users’ reputation.  This feature could position Google as another type of social network.
blogbit is constantly developing social media resources to help small business owners and self-employed professionals stay ahead of the competition including this video case study of successful small social media entrepreneurs!  

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New Search Tools Emphasize Visual Images in Online News & Information

Steaming video and pictures are taking on a new importance online. Microsoft and Google have two new visual search features to allow users sort through popular search categories by using pictures. 

Bing’s Visual Search and Google Fast Flip are designed to replicate the experience of flipping through pages of a magazine or newspaper, helping users searching for news and information find what they want faster.  Google plans to share ad revenue from Fast Flip pages with the original publishers of the content.  Check out Bing’s Visual search at and Google Fast Flip at

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Attend a Wonderful Summit without Leaving your Home or Office –And It’s Free!

An exciting online event is coming up focusing on the economy, healthcare, social networking, and a host of other important topics to everyone—but especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners!
The National Federation of Independent Business, NFIB, is holding its first virtual summit coming up on September 15, 2009 and you can be a part of the action.  The online event is free and will be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT and is essentially packed with opportunities for online education and networking conveniently your home or office. 

Not sure how a virtual convention or summit would work?  It is really incredible and I invite you to check it out now.  Click here to view a video preview of the upcoming virtual summit.  There will be booths just like you would expect to see at a major business convention and will have a virtual booth, I hope you will stop by!  Take a moment and register to attend by going to


It is not only booths and networking the virtual summit offers.  There are a number of important discussions planned for the virtual summit impacting millions of people.  “Healthcare for Small Business” will include a discussion with Stuart Butler, Ph.D., vice president, domestic & economic policy studies, Heritage Foundation. The presentation includes a federal legislative update as well as a look at what Congress can do to help small businesses afford health insurance. The panelists also will discuss lessons learned from reform efforts in various states.

The discussion entitled “Focus on the Economy” will be presented by David Walker, president and CEO of Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Denny Dennis, NFIB senior research fellow and William C. Dunkelberg, NFIB chief economist. Their topics will include the effects of the federal deficit and government spending on the economy, credit issues for small business and a small business economic forecast. 

Representatives of Google and Facebook will present “Digital Marketing and Social Networking,” a guide to free resources available online including Google Docs and Google Calendar, how to use YouTube to promote a business, building an online presence and directing people to your website through Google, and creating Facebook business pages to engage customers and build brand loyalty.

Also scheduled for the virtual convention, Jason Miner, eBay University instructor, will discuss “The Keys to Success for Your eBay Sales,” during which small business owners will learn how selling on eBay can attract customers worldwide using e-commerce. He also will teach attendees to open a PayPal account to accept online payments, how to set prices, and easy shipping techniques.

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Google Testing Service to Manage Multiple Phones with One Single Number

Running your own small business requires wearing many hats and doing business on the go.  But juggling a home phone, perhaps one or more work phones along with mobile phone numbers can get complicated for the busy entrepreneur.  A new free phone service is making headlines in entrepreneurial magazines, business newspapers,and small business websites including

Google is testing Google Voice, a free service to mange telephones through a single, Internet-connected phone number. There’s no charge, although you still have to pay for your regular phone services.

 Google Voice is in trial mode with new users being added as testing progresses.  You can apply online now at for the free service. You will find more great technology ideas for building a small business or growing an existing enterprise at

A New Google Smartphone is in My Sights

My mobile device is a cellphone. A very old cellphone which many youngsters don’t even recognize as a phone.  But it still works and I keep using it.

However, a new Google smartphone is turning my head as it set to hit the market soon.

T-mobile will begin selling the My Touch 3G phone for less than two hundred dollars.

Like the original, the My Touch 3G phone will be powered by Google’s android software. The updated phone is thinner and has a touch screen.

Existing customers can order it early on July 8. It will be available to non-T-mobile customers in early August.

T-mobile will sell the My Touch 3G for $199. That’s the same price as Apple’s i-Phone 3Gs and the Palm Pre.