Locally Owned and Locally Loved – My Small Business Fan Letter to a Store Making a Difference for People, Pets and a Top Zoo

Businesses spend a lot of money and effort on branding and marketing to capture the consumer’s attention. The best marketing campaigns are a reflection of what a business does for customers and how it helps them succeed. That is why I found a Good Neighbor Pharmacy network slogan “Locally Owned. Locally Loved” a perfect fit for Lindenwood Drugs.

It was a disastrous customer experience at another small business that first led me to the pharmacy on the corner of Lansdowne and Jamieson in the Saint Louis neighborhood of Lindenwood Park.

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My UPS package was shipped to a UPS store owned by a franchisee in Richmond Heights, Missouri for pick up. The UPS store staff received the insured package and then rejected it, sending it on a week-long odyssey where it was lost. I spent many hours on phone calls and sleuth work trying to find the package I needed desperately. Despite several visits to the UPS store on Clayton Road where the package was shipped for pick-up, the staff was rude and offered no help. The shipper was assured at another UPS store I could pick-it up at the Richmond Heights location to avoid porch thefts. Instead the staff at the UPS store accepted it initially only to propel it into the lost package abyss because I wasn’t a box holder. They didn’t seem interested in helping me get my package.

So what does a UPS package rejected by a UPS store have to do with a pharmacy in another neighborhood? Tom Hunt, owner of Lindenwood Drug offers a free service for people to have UPS packages delivered to his business for pick-up.

“It helps us create traffic plus it is a service to the community,” explains Hunt.

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His pharmacy serving as a UPS Access Point also helps fight crime allowing people a convenient way to avoid becoming victims of “porch pirates.” One in four Americans say they’ve experienced package theft according to a survey by Comcast.

After days of searching and tracking down an insured package UPS had classified as lost; I picked it up at Lindenwood Drug avoiding losing it again to porch theft.

While Hunt is keeping neighborhoods safer, his primary focus at Lindenwood Drug is keeping people healthy. The pharmacy is well known for personalized options including compounding service and delivery at competitive prices.

Lindenwood_pet_1452505_563791443702493_382433641_nLindenwood Drug’s healthy living services extend to animals as well. The Lindenwood Park business is one of a few pharmacies in St. Louis that will make human medications in dose strengths for animals. They make medications in flavors for dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, and pocket pets where none is available in a veterinary form or human form that is palatable for pets. The pharmacy’s Facebook page is filled with gratitude from pet owners who found a specialized solution for their animals at Lindenwood Drug.

Hunt and the other pharmacists at Lindenwood Drug fill prescriptions for animals at the Saint Louis Zoo. During his decades of veterinary pharmacy experience, Hunt has learned a lot about animals like puffins are susceptible to lung infections and Asian elephants are prone to the herpes virus.

Whether person or pet, the staff at Lindenwood Drug offer personalized and professional service that extends well beyond the charming pharmacy’s walls. Tom Hunt and his staff seem to have your best interest in mind, like a good neighbor should. No wonder they are a part of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Network and why many customers travel past other drug stores to shop at Lindenwood Drug.Lindenwood_1965648_682687301812906_5338784854066700399_o (1)

Small Business Tip: New Social Media Tools & Technology Can Pay off in Profits

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are reaching millions of people with their business brand in 140 characters or less: Twitter!  According to recent research from eMarketer, there will soon be about 18 million U.S. adults who access Twitter monthly. Usage is expected to reach 26 million U.S. adults in 2010.   An exclusive interview with one of Twitter’s co-founders provides small business owners with tips in this video.

More than 56% of marketers plan to incorporate social media into their businesses next year, according to the Center for Media Research.  Many savvy business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve met in our SBTV.com community already seeing amazing results and we’ve got their stories!


One of the newest features on Google Search has the potential to turn the Web into one huge network!

The new tool allows users to comment on any Web site and then displays comments from other users in a side bar as move around the Internet. Rather than personal connections, the comments displayed will be based on a number of rankings, including the users’ reputation.  This feature could position Google as another type of social network.



SBTV.com is constantly developing social media resources to help small business owners and self-employed professionals stay ahead of the competition including this video case study of successful small social media entrepreneurs!  

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The Small Business Tech Tool Box is Growing

New technology tools are helping business owners grow their enterprises online without extensive technical staff.  Small business owners and entrepreneurs running mid-sized businesses are the focus of one technology giant today offering an expanded tech tool package.

One of the nation’s best known companies is expanding a popular tech support service for small business. AT&T is extending the AT&T Tech Support 360(SM) first introduced last year to include more small and mid-sized firms.  The service offers remote online computer support, installation assistance and PC performance tune-up 24 hours a day, seven days a week via any high speed Internet connection.

Since last fall’s launch for small businesses, the number of Tech Support 360 customers has grown quickly surpassing the 100,000-new customer milestone. The small business tech product 
has scored highly in customer satisfaction, with 92 percent of new customers saying they’re “very satisfied” with the service.

“The tremendous response to Tech Support 360 is evidence that dealing with IT questions and problems can be overwhelming for small businesses, especially as many have little or no IT support staff on-site,” said Ebrahim Keshavarz, vice president of Business Development for AT&T.

Tech Support 360 provides small and mid-size business owners with remote technical support to help reduce the costs of having to bring technicians in-house, go to an off-site service location or spend time fixing problems themselves.For those small and mid-size businesses that do have IT staff, Tech Support 360 can help offload day-to-day computer support, enabling the customer’s technicians to focus on other business priorities.

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