Small Business Tip: New Mobile Payment Processing from Amazon

Small retailers and businesses there are new mobile payment options! Amazon is rolling out a new offering bringing mobile payment processing for partners.  This new suite of payment processing tools for mobile devices makes online shopping easier and faster for consumers and allows cell phone users to quickly pay with their devices at partner retailers.

A number of mobile payment providers are currently servicing retailers; but Amazon is a major player in e-retail and the new service could be an excellent option for businesses exploring options to easily accept mobile payments. Amazon’s new service will automatically detect the request origin, meaning a Web or mobile browser, or a mobile application so that developers don’t need to re-work their applications. Consumers will be able to make purchases on third-party mobile sites using the payment information in their Amazon accounts.

 (Amazon MPS process:(Credit:Amazon Payments)

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Small Business Tip: New Satellite Phone with “Smart Wireless” Features Coming

Businesses, government agencies and international organizations are the initial target markets for a new satellite phone service coming from AT&T.  The TerreStar Genus phone will be able to make calls at sea or from remote locations.  When cellular networks are unavailable, a satellite covering North America will act as a cell site in space to provide coverage to help users stay connected.

The new device expected to hit the market next year will include all the features of a “smart” device, including the ability to access AT&T’s wireless network. There are other satellite phones available, but they currently don’t offer the smart phone capabilities. AT&T has not announced pricing of the phones or service.

The new satellite phone will be introduced later this week at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Denver.

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Amazon Enters Mobile & Wireless Retail

An online retailer promises to make cell phone shopping more convenient.  Amazon is now online testing  AmazonWireless.   The new Web site lets consumers browse phone models, purchase a cell phone or sign up for mobile service from AT&T and Verizon.

The online store now in testing promotes lower pricing. So consumers don’t have to wait for rebates. It also promises free shipping on many phones.  Amazon says it plans to expand phone selection and the wireless service packages it offers on AmazonWireless.